February 1st, 2011 - Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome/thanks - questions, comments, suggestions, concerns are always welcome

  • Acceleration Questions Answered...
1. First, we complete an Iowa Acceleration Scale to determine if acceleration is appropriate. A variety of data are collected and a score is given at completion of the scale that rates the candidate as Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor for acceleration.
2. Then we have paperwork that is completed and presented to the building’s gifted ed team and teachers of the student to make a decision. The paperwork is put into the student’s file to track the decision.
3. Then arrangements are made when the student is moving to the next grade level or school.
I will attach three different forms depending on the circumstance. Iowa Acceleration Scale forms are in my office.
The reason this process is necessary is because we want to make the best decision for the student and it should be based on fact rather than opinion.

Hodge, Webb on radical team...mr. C recommended...

  • Identified two higher end web quests covering social studies standards...will also work through a social studies based Unit in Quest Atlantis...In place of compacting

Muckrakers, and 1960's political commercials.
Mesa Verde in Quest Atlantis

  • Room D12 will be used for the first couple of weeks and then we will be moving to the back of the library for the last part of the quarter

  • Identification discussion - very often...what is gifted at one elementary is different than what is gifted at another...eg. teachers at North have commented that how can "JOE" be identified and "PHIL" not be...Mary recommended possibly drafting a letter to 6th grade students that said something to the effect of "Just because your student was identified as requiring ECS services in Elementary...Does not necessarily mean that he will qualify for them when he gets to the middle school...

October 14th, 2010 - MEETING MINUTES BY Carla Arnott

  • Welcome and thank you

  • Purposes of committee
    • Make sure we are meeting the needs of the gifted kids
      • Concerns: Being pulled out of science
      • 7th graders are too new to be comfortable in making the decision to be pulled out (every other year)
    • Communicate what ECS program looks like to staff
      • The first half of the year students will be pulled from communication arts, second half will be social studies?
      • What is the process for exiting students?
      • Do we want to compact out...No compacting...the plan is to create a web quest for students to complete...based on SS and CA standards
    • Go through new identifications and the Identification Process
      • Examples...Discussion
      • Sign Paperwork
      • What about grade acceleration? Does this need to go in the file? Do we need a better process for communicating who is grade accelerated? Jeff call Mary to see what procedure is in place...should the meeting look like an IEP meeting?
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